Dimosthenis Bitras

Dimosthenis Bitras photographer

Greek photographer Dimosthenis Bitras uses both darkroom photography and alt. proc. He shows his Gum Bichromates here.
From: Athens, Greece.
Shows: Caffenol and Gum bichromates.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Dimosthenis Bitras first got in touch with alternative photography in 2013, by experimenting with the gum bichromate process. It was the first time he got into the process of manually creating an image. Later on he continues to experiment with other methods, to add the analogue element to his pictures, such as pinholes, anthotypes, and chlorophyll prints.

What he really enjoys about the alternative processes is the commitment that is required to produce a
print. His favourite method remains the gum bichromate, where he experiments with printing on different surfaces such as paper, canvas, metal, glass and wood.

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