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Bridget Arnold is a cyanotypist from Devon in the UK, and brings cyanotypes to everyday objects such as lampshades and household objects.
From: Devon, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Bridget Arnold was born and bred in Devon, UK, her passion for nature and the place that she lives comes from that connection. She is fortunate to live on the edge of Dartmoor and next to the Granite Tramway where she can walk, destress, and collect plants for her work. Her other love is for the seashore, where she also collects materials like seaweed and seagull feathers from the beach to use in her prints.

Bridget Arnold has been a lead artist on various projects looking at the locality of Dartmoor and the Granite heritage and recording the plants found in the area. Including Lichens and Ferns. She makes Beautiful and Useful lampshades and other household objects using the images created from Cyanotype prints. Which she sees as bringing the outside inside.

During the lockdown, Bridget discovered the newer process of Wet Cyanotype Printing and had the time, the plants and the sunshine to explore this new technique.
Bridget is also a facilitator for others. She is now running Sun Printing Day workshops at her studio incorporating, Cyanotype, Wet Cyanotype and printing on material.

As part of World Cyanotype Day Celebrations, Bridget Arnold has run Taster Sessions of Cyanotype for people to have a go and Cyanotype Day workshops for participants, who want a longer experience. There are also workshops available to create your own piece of Cyanotype material to then turn it into a unique handmade Lampshade to take home.

“Cyanotype Printing with Plants helps to make you look closer at the details created. Then by printing on material and making them into Lampshades it brings the outside inside.”

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