Diffusion magazine volume 3

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Issue 3 of Diffusion magazine has finally arrived. It’s is available for order and it looks very interesting.

Diffusion volume 3

There may be some copies left on OneTwelve publishings website.

From the editor Blue Mitchell

I’m so very proud to present Diffusion, Volume III. This annual is loaded with astonishing work and I’ve had to extend the page length to fit it all in. I had a theme in mind for this issue based on my own life experiences. So I’ve broken it down into three theme categories. Ogle, Kindle, and Absorb. Ogle simply refers to a visual experience, which is where our big group showcase belongs–visual intensity! As well as an article featuring the surreal artistry of Becky Comber, Kate Stone, and Christopher Jordan. Kindle is a new section where I’ve asked prolific photographers and photography professionals their thoughts on inspiration and success in the photography business. This time around I’m delighted to feature the work and motivational words of Charles Grogg and Ann Pallesen in the Kindle section. Also included in this section is an article by Libby Rowe on “Sparking Creativity” which speaks for itself. The Absorb section is loosely about gaining knowledge and thinking outside of the box. This is where our two other articles by Zeb Andrews and Lauren Henkin land.

But wait, there’s more! I’m especially elated to Spotlight four incredibly talented and ambitious artists that really define what ‘Unconventional Photography” means to me. Featuring Jennifer F. Schlesinger’s esoteric black and white pinholes; Rita Bernstein’s enchanting silver prints on Japanese Gambi; Jason E. Kelley’s narrative-in-motion, linear strip photography, and Dan Estabrook’s paramount mixed-media salt prints. All of these artists are so very passionate about what they do, the images they create, and it is all very evident in their interviews. Once again, I’ve asked other photographers to conduct the interviews so that we can really dive into the important questions from a variety of voices. This in itself is why Diffusion is so important to me, the willingness of contributors to stand on the other side of the lens, so to speak. Furthermore, I can’t thank all of you (contributors, artists, advertisers, and purchasers) enough for supporting my vision and launching the next chapter of Diffusion.

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