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Detail of the milkweed seeds experiment.

Transforming Objects – Cyanotypes on Teabags and Shells

Émilie Léger turns everyday things into stunning art pieces. From eggshells to tea bags, she works her magic with ordinary items, creating something extraordinary along the way. Writer and photography / Émilie Léger “In my recent cyanotype work, I have been experimenting with the cyanotype process on everyday objects. By doing this, I find a new use for familiar objects and I use them for contemporary experimentation.” Cyanotypes on objects … Read more

Phoenix Paper / brush sensibilisation

Citrate Copperplate Photogravure

This new citrate copperplate photogravure sensitizer has a number of undeniable advantages when used in copperplate photogravure, Hervé Sachy takes us through the process. Writer and photography / Hervé Sachy This is for experienced and advanced users only. The Fenton reaction for copperplate photogravure—Theorical principle of the use of Chiba System (a non toxic alternative to the dichromate processes). What is the Fenton reaction? The Fenton reaction is an oxidation … Read more

Direct silver mirroring with bronzing effect and mackie line by Recipe 1

Alternative silver mirroring toning

Lexy Xiao finds alternative ways to do the silver mirroring toning without the commercial toners which are mostly discontinued today. She shares her recipes and process here. Writer and photography / Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子 WARNING: This is for experienced and advanced users only. Read the safety sheets before attempting to use chemicals and use the correct safety equipment. Hazardous chemicals are used. A little knowledge about silver mirroring … Read more

3D cyanotype sculpture: "Stuck" is called stuck because the material is stuck onto the torso with both acupuncture needles and regular needles.

Cyanotypes in the shape of 3D sculptures

Who said cyanotypes have to be a flat 2-dimensional piece of art? Amy Heller had been working with cyanotypes for a long time and wanted to try something new, so she turned to 3-dimensional sculpture. Photography / Amy Heller Amy Heller’s “Still Lives” evolved into a series of three-dimensional, collaged cyanotype on fabric sculptures using photographs of classical sculpture, starting with mannequins and then using eggs, a symbol of renewal. … Read more

Making a cyanotype tote bag

Making a cyanotype tote bag is a beautiful way to showcase your art. Greeshma from India shares how to make one in a few simple steps. Writer and photography / Greeshma Cyanotype can transform an ordinary tote bag into a unique masterpiece. Cyanotype, a photographic printing process dating back to the 19th century and recognised by its distinctive blue colour is of course use in many applications today. In this … Read more


Multilayer Printing Techniques Gum Printing techniques

Calvin Grier shows us how gum printing with multiple layers and one development works – also process which also works with Calvin’s PrintMaker’s Friend! Writer and photography / Calvin Grier If I were to coat a sheet of paper with a thick layer of gum or PrintMaker’s Friend (PrintMaker’s Friend is a non-toxic drop-in substitute for gum and dichromate) and a high concentration of pigment and then expose it with … Read more

Journal 2024

Make 2024 count! Use a journal to…

Journalling is a great way to working on the RIGHT things and at the same time finding time for the important things in life, like family, friends, and art. If you have not gotten your journal for 2024 yet, this inspirational Journal can be yours. It contains no less than 60 (!!!) inspirational cyanotypes, all made as a tribute to Anna Atkins, as well as a structured way of staying … Read more

Calendar 2024

This BLUEtiful 2024 Calendar can be yours…

This bluetiful calendar can brighten your wall for an entire year. 12 cyanotypes, one for each month and made in Anna Atkins’ style illustrate the calendar. It’s available both tall and wide with the week starting Monday or Sunday.  And don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need help choosing. Looking for the 2024 event for the 2025 calendar? Click here.   Buy the Anna Atkins tribute calendar … Read more

The handwritten letter from Mrs Mary Somerville to Sir John Herschel, please note it is dated September 20, 1845

Did Sir John Herschel or Mrs Mary Somerville discover anthotypes?

According to my research, it was Sir John Herschel who discovered the anthotype process and not Mrs Mary Somerville. As soon as I publish an article or text mentioning “Anthotype” and “Herschel”, I invariably get comments saying that it was Mrs Mary Somerville who “invented” the anthotype process. I have not seen any evidence of this in my research and share my findings here in chronological order. Writer / Malin … Read more

Wood engraving of Sir John Herschel from 1971

Plants as Photographic Media

Printing with plants is growing in popularity since it is sustainable and easy to learn. Mike Ware gives us an overview of the difference between anthotypes, photosynthesis and chlorophyll printing. Writer and photography / Dr Mike Ware In January of 1839, the invention of photography was publicly announced, independently by Louis Daguerre using silver-plated metal sheets, and by William Henry Fox Talbot, using writing paper coated with silver salts. Within … Read more

Buy Nothing Day and Green Friday 2023

Buy Nothing Day

No, no, no to Black Friday! Instead of going crazy for stuff you don’t need on Black Friday – or any of the other zillions of sales that go on in November, chill out and take part in Buy Nothing Day, Green Friday or even Circular Monday instead. Buy Nothing Day On the 24th of November it is Buy Nothing Day, and as the name indicates; try to BUY NOTHING … Read more

World Cyanotype Day

Call for entries: World Cyanotype Day – Open 28th of September – 4th of October

28th of September 2024 is WCD! We will open for entries on the 28th of September. In 2023 290 artists from 40 (!) countries sent in cyanotypes! I mean, 40, the number is incredible! This is truly a worldwide event! Check them all out here: 👉 All of you really made the day – thank you! To get notified of the theme for 2024, sign up for the Cyanotype … Read more

Cyanoroid camera pan

Making a cyanotype multi-exposure camera

Is it even possible to make a cyanotype camera? Pedro Leal shares how to make a cyanotype camera that takes several instantaneous cyanotypes in one image. Writer and photography / Pedro Leal   I made walking into an aesthetic project, and I register the experiences through drawings, and visualise images accompanied by thoughts, which I write down. But, I wanted to bring together the experience of images and thought and … Read more

BFK Rives for Gum Printing? Seeing is Believing

Peter J. Blackburn has found his favorite gum bichromate paper. One that he used to shun. And one that needs no sizing. Writer and photography / Peter J. Blackburn Gum printing for me began in 1988. From the beginning, I ignored the advice of many gum experts to use toxic sizing by searching for ways to print bright, crisp gum prints on unaltered paper. “BFK Rives was the very first … Read more

Cyanolumen by Suanne Peterson

Suanne Peterson

Suanne Peterson focuses on non-toxic, darkroom-free photographic processes and draws and photographs things she observes. From: Medford, Massachusetts, USA Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophyll prints, Cyanolumen, Cyanotype and Lumen Suanne is a teacher and avid gardener living in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. She lives with her husband, their daughter and two cats. When she is not at work or weeding she likes to hike, ski, and experiment with non-toxic (or less … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 - large cover to share

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2

by Malin Fabbri   The second book in the series from World Anthotype Day “If you are looking for a resource of Anthotype emulsions, then this book is exactly what you need!” – Christopher Osborne, editor Silvergrain Classics Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2023. $14.00 Download eBook (PDF) directly. $22.00 Buy eBook (PDF for Kindle) from Amazon Kindle. Buy from … Read more

Two negatives are placed on a piece of cotton cloth: size approx. A2.

Cyanotypes – how blue can you get?

Ray Harris gives an overview of the cyanotype process and his interpretation of blues and shares his cyanotype process. Writer and photography / Ray Harris Anna Atkins was born on 16 March 1799 and produced the first book to include ‘photographs’ which were in fact, cyanotypes. This post goes into more detail on making cyanotypes at home. The process, in its simplest form, is to mix two chemicals to produce … Read more

Cyanotypes toned using avocado

Cyanotype Toning with Avocado Stones

Clive Pigott tries out Annette Golaz’s recipe for toning cyanotypes with avocado. The original recipe can be found in Annette Golaz’s book Cyanotype Toning alongside many other recipes. Writer and photography / Clive Pigott I was first introduced to alternative and historical printing techniques back in the early 90’s, when I was in my late 20’s. I had picked up an anniversary copy of the British Journal of Photography which … Read more

Anthotype emulsion database

Anthotype emulsion database

The Anthotype emulsion database is a collection of anthotypes that artists have contributed on World Anthotype Day. Find an emulsion for your anthotype and learn from other artists’ notes. All anthotype emulsions with examples of prints The 2022 Book: Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 The 2022 Book: Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 Turmeric, spinach, red cabbage, blackberry, spirulina and beetroot seems to be the most common plants or pigments for making anthotypes! … Read more

Ana Solo Forgotten Sounds book

Forgotten Sounds – A Journey of Sustainable Art with Anthotypes and Sonic Exploration

by Ana Solo   Buy the book here – published by Ana Solo Forgotten Sounds – A Journey of Sustainable Art with Anthotypes and Sonic Exploration is a cross between an artist’s book and a short reference book where Ana Solo shows her art and talks about her process. $7.00 Download eBook (PDF) In which format is the eBook? eBook: The eBook is in PDF format.   What is included? … Read more