Call for entries: World Anthotype Day 2024

The initiative of World Anthotype Day was started here by us, and the first event took place last year. Over 100 artists sent in their anthotypes! This will now (hopefully) be an annual event on the 3rd Saturday in August. It is a global event, and everyone who is an experienced or aspiring anthotyper is invited to take part. 
The deadline is 17th of August 2024, midnight, your own timezone. It will open for entries on the 1st of August, welcome to send in your entry then.

Entries from 2023:


Need to brush up on your skills? Read the anthotype article:
New to anthotypes? Need to brush up your skills?

Find inspiration in last year’s book and see all the new pigments added this year in the database!
Find inspiration

We’re working hard to run this event on the website, gallery, database and social media. Please buy us a coffee if you can!
Buy us a coffee

Take notes, document your anthotype process and you’ll be ready to go!
Document your process

Protect your clothes from stains!
Save your clothes



Enjoy! And don’t forget to share and invite friends! If you have any questions, just comment below!

Happy anthotyping!

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