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Beech, common (Fagus sylvatica) + Paprika, common (Capsicum annuum) anthotype by Chris G Smith

“Alternative Hope” by Chris G Smith
Country: UK
Plants used: Beech, common (Fagus sylvatica) mixed with a small amount of Paprika, common (Capsicum annuum)
Parts used: Leaves, powder
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 4 hours
Substrate: August, Summer 2022
Substrate: Watercolour paper, 300 gsm
Contrast of final print: * (Low)

Beech, common (Fagus sylvatica) and Paprika, common (Capsicum annuum) anthotype by Chris G SmithBeech, common (Fagus sylvatica) and Paprika, common (Capsicum annuum) for anthotypeAmount: 20 leaves and 1/4 tsp paprika power
Extracted using: Pestle and mortar
Thinner: Isopropyl Alcohol
Layers: 1
Used to create image: Positive on OHP acetate

Challenges or observations:
I found that I should have given it more than one coat; unfortunately, I ran out of emulsion. I’d recommend at least 3 times the amounts I used. The Beech leaves were taken from a tree at Laycock Abbey where Henry Fox Talbot lived, and dubbed “The Birthplace of British Photography.”

Instagram: @enthusing.young.minds

Additional information:
I have been running experiments with Anthotypes to then pass on the knowledge to the next generation, in the hope that alternative methods become less alternative and more mainstream. Check out the project on my Instagram account.

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