Artists’ videos from World Anthotype Day 2022… awesome!

During World Anthotype Day 2022 artists were encouraged to send in videos to present themselves and their work. They did. Watch the inspiring anthotype work!

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Featuring in the video:

➥ Jesseca Ferguson, @jessecaferguson, USA, Geranium
➥ Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand, @touskifaitoutmartine, Canada, Red cabbage
➥ Vidhyasuri Utami, @vidhyasuri, Indonesia, Kembang Telang
Ralph Rinke, @ralphrinke, Canada, English cucumber
Mary Kocol, @marykocol, USA, Wild black raspberry and Pansy
➥ Nathalia Dov, @nathalia.dov, Brazil, Yerba mate
➥ Émilie Léger,, Canada, Spinach
➥ Clive Pigott, @artfuldodgephoto, New Zealand, Red cabbage and Beetroot
➥ Mónica Páez Espinosa, @monicaapaezfoto, Ecuador, Coffee
➥ Teresa Guxens, @artinteresa, Spain, Spinach
Dennis Humphrey, @dennishum, Canada, Algae (Spirulina)
➥ Rajeev Peethambaran, @rajeev_peethambaran, India, Marigold
➥ Kristine Sargsyan, @christin.sargsyan, Armenia, Turmeric
➥ Sarah Garrod, @sarahg.photog, UK, Spinach
➥ Tian Shi, @tianshiwashibuto, Belgium, Blueberry
➥ Valeria Accili, @valeria.accili, Italy, Blackberry


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