ACROS supply chemicals, they also have offices in Germany, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Address: Janssen Pharmaceuticalaan 3, 2440 Geel
Phone: +32 14 575 211
Email: info (at)

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3 thoughts on “ACROS”

  1. Hi good people,
    I`ve been using wet plate since 2012 but had a few years off due to events in family. I have bought a new kit in 5 x 7, instead of my previous mammoth plates, to save costs. Unfortunately, it seems that chemicals have become very difficult to get hold of (even collodion itself) and also costly.
    I`ve tried to contact suppliers over the last few weeks and also checked out a UK supplier from this page but it seems (though I may be wrong) that they will only supply to another company. Shipping from the US seems impossible due to the dangerous goods licencing.
    Any ideas?
    Kind regards

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