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Nancy Breslin contributed to the gallery at Worldwide Pinhole Day, she was the 3002nd person to do so.

bleeding hearts
Taken on April 25, 2010, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was about 2 weeks ago, and I just contributed to the gallery (http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2010/index.php?id=3154). As my id# indicates, I was the 3154th person to do so, and there is still time for more submissions. I immediately follow photos from Pennsylvania, Hampshire (UK), Cuba, Germany and Montreal. It looks like people from 65 countries have posted so far. Worldwide indeed!

The first five are from New Zealand – no big surprise there. I didn’t have time to check out 3000 images, but did meander through (you can pick a random entry number, or select geographically) and found a number of striking photos. 1255 from New Jersey, USA shows bread and ingredients, and the caption lists ingredients for the bread and the camera. 2776 is a 3-d pinhole from Hong Kong. 65 is wildly colorful tulips from the Netherlands. 142 from Japan is one of several lovely landscapes from that country. I was surprised to see only one entry from Korea, and so far I am the only one from Delaware, USA. But there is still time. If any of you used your pinhole camera on April 25 but haven’t submitted, the deadline is not until the end of May.

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