A wonderful way to meet…

Writer / Bruce Campbell
Photography / Bruce Campbell and Alexander Tkachev

Bruce Campbell shares a story of how he used the community on AlternativePhotography.com to find photographer Alexander Tkachev who lives reasonably near by and share the same interest – alternative photographic processes. Heartwarming.

gum bichromate bruce campbell
Moon Flower, Gum bichromate by Bruce Campbell

Since retiring in 2003, I have been involved with Alternative Photography. Before retirement, back in the 70s, I had the lucky chance to attend a local college night school class where the instructor demonstrated how to do Van Dyck brown and Kwick Prints.

After retirement, I decided started taking workshops on various Alternative Photographic processes and also started reviewing web sites of organizations as well as artist that were working in this field of photography. I found Malin Fabbri’s Alternative Photography site AlternativePhotography.com and the community network that comes with it. I have been using it for a number of years to find local workshops and view work by several artist that post on this site.

Recently, while exploring this site I noticed that one of the artist, Alexander Tkachev, had moved from Ukraine to Ohio. I was able to contact him and discovered he now lives only a 45 minute drive from my area.

After locating his e-mail address we set up a meeting at his house. I and a friend visited Alexander and we discussed our experiences with Alternative Photography, as well as viewed prints. It was nice meeting another person who is involved in Alternative Photography.

Without Malin’s web site AlternativePhotography.com, I would never have met Alexander.

Bromoil Alexander Tkachev
Old Woman with a Dog, Bromoil by Alexander Tkachev
Countryside Lena, Palladium by Alexander Tkachev
Silver Sword, Kallitype by Bruce Campbell
gum bichromate bruce campbell
Moon Flower, Gum bichromate by Bruce Campbell

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