Twinrocker Handmade paper

Questions & Advice: 800-757-8946
Ordering: 765-563-3119
Email: twinrocker (at)
Where: Brookston, IN, USA
Ship: Locally and internationally


The dedicated staff of fine craftspeople have set the highest standards for the papers, both in beauty and performance. Aesthetically innovative, Twinrocker was the first hand mill to make a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including circular and square sheets. Papers are made in dozens of sizes from 2″ x 3″ cards for invitations, up to 34 x 48″ art papers. Thickness ranges from text to board weight.  For beautiful, rough, surface texture, the sheets are  naturally air dried in their drying loft as paper was dried hundreds of years ago. To meet the needs of the modern world, we also offer a smooth, yet toothy Cold Pressed surface and a very smooth Hot Pressed surface. Colored papers are tinted with light fast pigments. All are archival and neutral pH. All Twinrocker papers, except those marked “Printmaking or Letterpress” are suitable for all media, including water-based materials such as pen and ink. Watercolor paper is given an additional “surface” or “tub” sizing of gelatine. Only handmade papers have four truly natural deckled edges. (Machine-made papers can only imitate a deckled edge.)  In 1973, Twinrocker designed a decorative, exaggerated “Feather” deckle which is recognized world-wide as unique to us. To inquire about either stocked or custom papers, contact owner Travis Becker.

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