Too Dark, Use Flash. Part 2 of 2

Writer / Peter J. Blackburn

Speaking of flashes expelling the darkness, allow me to suggest two convenient opportunities for getting those questions answered and issues resolved while connecting with fellow artists along the way.

First, if you take a careful look at the gallery pages and the informative articles posted on this site, most likely you will find somewhere on the screen an email address or a website link which will connect you to the artist. Go ahead—send a message, ask a question, make a comment, lend an encouraging word, express your thoughts, flash some light. Don’t be shy, but do be polite. I think you’ll find that although many of us are tenacious in our ways holding firm convictions about our work, we can also be gracious and eager in extending a helping hand or talking a bit of shop with fellow printers around the globe.

A second venue where helpful discussion can be initiated is in the AlternativePhotography Forum (it has been replaced by a Facebook group now). I admit, I am not a forum or chat room enthusiast, preferring the more personal option of my first suggestion. However, I’ll wager a denarius there are more than a few printers within this audience who might greatly benefit from the chat forum. Asking and answering questions, guiding a beginner through a new process, announcing an upcoming exhibition or competition are all part of the give and take in the chat forum.

There you have it—two ways to further maximize the use of May flashing the light of our knowledge, experience, and work, broaden our understanding and refresh our vision. May it, too, raise the quality of all the artistic endeavors represented on this fabulous site.

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