Zrno international alternative photographic processes festival

7 tips for running a festival from the ZRNO alt. proc. photo. festival

ZRNO festival is an international festival of alternative photography held in Macedonia. Sasho Alushevski from Macedonia is one of the organizers for the Zrno festival, which is now running for a second year this summer and shares no less than his 7 top tips for running a festival. Photography / Sasho Alushevski / Sašo Aluševski / Сашо Алушевски, Martina Peneva, Viktorija Machkovska A first question; what does Zrno mean? Sasho … Read more

Cyanotype bag from Cyanogifts.

Cyanogifts – The collective behind the cyanotype tote bags

Cyanogifts – a collective from Macedonia – channel their creativity into placing art on everyday objects, like their cyanotype tote bags. How did Cyanogifts start? Cyanogifts was an idea that started from our love for alternative photographic processes. The idea is fairly old, yet, as we say, the star constellations were not adequate to make it happen. “We wanted to place our love and passion for cyanotypes into something practical, … Read more