Ternes-Burton Register pins

Ternes Burton register pins are precision machined buttons spot welded to a stainless steel base. They are commonly used to align layers of paper while printmaking using linoleum or wood blocks. The pins enable tight registration on complicated multi-color projects. Useful for registration when printing gum bichromate. The register pins work with stripping tabs, or can be inserted directly through the holes made by a punch. The register pin bases … Read more

Figure 13: Assembly Pins into the paper Registration Strips

Gum print registration

Instructions to register gum prints. Gum bichromate printing requires multiple pass to get the right density both for black and white and color prints. Here is how. Writer and photography / Andrea Baldi A reliable registration system is helpful to get multiple layers of the gum prints that do not show any misalignment in the different passes. For example, when you expose the second layer in a black & white … Read more

Registering a negative for the gum bicromate process step 4

A simple negative registration method 

A simple, but effective OHP negative registration technique for gum printing. The method can be used for multiple pass single negative prints as well as CMYK negative prints.