Two prints with different results

Spikes in development – Problem and Solution

Removing the spikes in development is important, in order to work with better data and get more precise correction curves for the best linearization of our photographs. Paolo Saccheri has tested this below on cyanotypes, though it is the same on other alternative processes. Writer and photography / Paolo Saccheri What are spikes? Spikes are sudden bumps in values, reading a step tablet test print used to calibrate a printing … Read more

The printer settings I use at the moment within Photoshop

Digital negative printer settings

Paolo Saccheri shares settings used for making digital negatives and highlights the difference the software can make. Writer and graphics / Paolo Saccheri What printer settings should be used for creating digital negatives? Many print makers ask what are the correct printer settings to use to print their digital negatives. The real answer is that there is no fixed true answer. It all depends on your process, i.e. the sum … Read more

Cyanotype print wash delay test

Darkroom variations for the classic cyanotype

Paolo Saccheri tests different variations of citric acids, washing and printing variables for the cyanotype process and shares his results with us. Please note that this is for the advanced cyanotyper. If you are a beginner, please start with Cyanotype – the classic process. Writer and photography / Paolo Saccheri Paper white and citric acid variations for cyanotypes Normally, when you print in cyanotype (or any of the other alternative … Read more