Figure #1 - Cecina river #1 One layer of forest green, hand painted with (mostly) iridescent watercolors and dry pigments, a clear layer to fix pigments and a last very light layer of indanthrone blue to deepen the shadows and the water. It is printed on plywood sized with acrylic gesso and zinc white. It is interesting because it is quite evident how SbQ can be used even in multiple layers without staining. Please note that no clearing bath has been used, and final rinsing was minimum, just a minute or so in cold water.

Zerochrome-SbQ – A viable alternative to chromium salts in pigmented colloid printing

Simone Simoncini and Kees Brandenburg explore a new non-toxic method for pigment polymer printing. as an alternative to using the toxic dichromates. Writer and photography / Simone Simoncini and Kees Brandenburg Our motive In this article, we share the results we have obtained with a new emulsion for pigment printing to be used as a serious alternative to dichromates. It shows very interesting features in terms of stability, shelf life, … Read more