The moderators of our Facebook Group

Meet the moderators of the Facebook group

Many of you (30 000 as of April 2021) are already members of the Facebook group. Meet the moderators – the heroes that keep the group on topic. In the past we tried forums running forums – that got littered with spam and an unmoderated group – same story, then volunteers stepped in and started moderating the Facebook group, now we can all enjoy a spam-free on topic … Read more

Polaroid EE100 camera

Wet plate collodion with a Polaroid camera

Got an old Polaroid camera sitting around somewhere? Since the camera film making business is on decline (Polaroid is no more, Fuji film is still around) the camera needs to find other uses. For example; take the film holder and convert it to an excellent wet plate holder. Jalo Porkkala shows you how.

Silver plating

Jalo Porkkala takes us through the silver plating process and the difference in toners and formulas.

Jalo Porkkala

Jalo Porkkala

From: Pori, Finland
Shows: Anthotypes, Bromoils, Cyanotypes, Daguerrotypes, Kallitypes, Lith prints, Lumen prints, Mordancages, POP – Print out paper, Salt prints, Vandykes, Ziatypes, Wet plate collodions.
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