Still from Edd Carrs documentary I am a darkroom with the Sustainable Darkroom initiative

Interview with Edd Carr at the Sustainable Darkroom

Edd Carr, director of the Sustainable Darkroom, explores sustainable photography through alternative processes showcased in a documentary. With a focus on ecological practices, the project educates and inspires, aiming to redefine the environmental impact of traditional photography. Photography / Edd Carr Edd Carr is the director of the Sustainable Darkroom and recently released a documentary on sustainable photography. The documentary was made using a variety of alternative processes including Super … Read more

Movie made using cyanotypes - washing the print

Edd Carr creates what may be the first cyanotype video ever made

Edd Carr has created what may be the first cyanotype video. He was commissioned by Globe town Records in London to make a music video for Tycho Jones, and did so making over 5000 frames in cyanotypes and animating them. The music is melodic and has a nice beat and the cyanotypes are stunning. The video also deals thematically with birds and their relationship to culture and the climate crisis. … Read more