Angela Chalmers with cyanotype dress project

Interview with Angela Chalmers author of ‘Creative Cyanotype’

Angela Chalmers, a fine artist working in the cyanotype process talks about her book Creative Cyanotype. Sharing her projects she hopes to inspire other cyanotype artists. Writer and photography / Angela Chalmers What was your inspiration for this book? Angela Chalmers: There are many excellent cyanotype books in the world written by experienced alternative practitioners, so I wasn’t sure if there was any need for another. However, I love teaching … Read more

Angela Chalmers Cyanotype

Angela Chalmers

Angela Chalmers is a very experienced alt. proc. artist exploring women’s history and popular culture in her cyanotype photograms. From: Scarborough, United Kingdom. Shows: Cyanotypes. Angela Chalmers is a visual artist using cyanotype, photography, and mixed media processes on paper and textiles. She has worked with the cyanotype process for over seventeen years. Her creative practice explores women’s history and popular culture. Angela makes photograms that capture objects connected to … Read more