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It’s here! Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2

by Malin Fabbri   The second book in the series from World Anthotype Day Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 2 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2023. $14.00 Download eBook (PDF) directly. $22.00 Buy eBook (PDF for Kindle) from Amazon Kindle. Buy from Kindle More marketplaces: UK  Germany  France  Spain  Italy Netherlands  Japan  Brazil  Canada  Australia  India $22.00 Best paperback option. Buy from Lulu ($22 / €22 / … Read more

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) anthotype by Andy Schmitt

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) anthotype by Andy Schmitt

“Summer” by Andy Schmitt
Country: Plainsboro, NJ, USA
Parts used: Turmeric powder
Amount: 3 oz powder in 6 oz liquid
Extracted by: Shaking, then left to settle: gives a saturated solution
Thinner: Denatured ethyl alcohol
Application: Brushing

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