Modern Polymer Photogravure workshop with plates you make yourself, Texas

David Kachel hold workshops one-to-one where you learn the modern polymer photogravure, so next time you are in Texas…

Three day, One-on-One workshops with David Kachel at his gallery/studio.
Photopolymer plates using Imagon HD and other photopolymer films.
Direct-to-plate positive images using Epson printers and Quadtone RIP. Plate preparation, plate printing and processing, inking, wiping, printing… the works. All the previous problems associated with this kind of approach have now been solved. Inexpensive, easy to produce plates. with copper-plate-like results. $500, including materials. All you have to do, is get here! 😉

Contact info:

David Kachel
PO Box 393
Haskell, TX 79521

Phone: (940) 200-3906

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