Find (and keep!) anthotype prints from Ana Solo with her Heart 4 Earth project

If you are lucky enough to be in New Zealand on Earth Day this year, don’t hesitate to check out Ana Solo’s Heart 4 Earth project, where you can explore nature, search for anthotype prints (which you get to keep) and listen to nature.

Ana, you seem to love Anthotype and Chlorophyll prints, how did you discover these processes?

Ana Solo: For the Heart 4 Earth project I wanted to utilize the most environmentally friendly printing method I could find. After doing some research I came across anthotypes. While most examples I found online were photographic prints, I was keen on trying out the process for my thin-lined illustrations. The process proved to be more challenging than I initially anticipated, and I even considered giving up at one point. Nonetheless, I was determined to make it work and after much perseverance, I achieved successful results.
After I discovered anthotypes I also experimented with Chlorophyll prints, and I feel they will be part of my next project as the result is so magical. I totally love it!

Heart 4 Earth - all prints for 2023.
Heart 4 Earth – all prints for 2023.

You started the project Heart4Earth, what is the idea behind the project? 

Ana Solo: As part of the project, I am giving away the anthotype prints to the participants, with the primary objective of inspiring them to explore the outdoors and immerse themselves in the tranquil sounds of nature. To make the experience more engaging, I hid letters inside small pods and placed them in several scenic spots across the Tasman region, in the South Island of New Zealand. Participants were required to visit a website to obtain the coordinates of the pods, which they then had to locate and retrieve. Once they found a pod, I encouraged them to take a moment to enjoy the surrounding sounds of nature and share their experiences with me as part of the project.
To celebrate Earth Day (22nd April 2023), I will be hosting an event in Nelson, New Zealand, where I’ll be giving away my artwork. My partner, Danny, will accompany me by creating music using sounds of nature which I collected at the various locations, and a friend will read her poetry. During the event, I’ll also be demonstrating how I’ve created these prints.

“I’m excited to share my love for nature with the local community and inspire others to appreciate the beauty around us.”

Heart 4 Earth: Create plants from pigments
Heart 4 Earth: Print anthotype and chlorophyll prints
Heart 4 Earth: Write letters and thoughts
Heart 4 Earth: Search for prints
Heart 4 Earth: Enjoy nature
Heart 4 Earth: Go to the website
Heart 4 Earth: Looking for anthotype prints
Heart 4 Earth: Finding notes
Heart 4 Earth: Listening to nature
Heart 4 Earth: printing anthotypes
Heart 4 Earth: Giving demonstrations
Heart 4 Earth
Heart 4 Earth: Enjoy music

What has the response been so far? 

Ana Solo: I have received lovely feedback so far. One lady took her entire family on a quest to find one of the pods, but unfortunately, they couldn’t locate it. Her feedback was heartwarming as she described how they all walked together through a long tunnel, told each other stories and had a lovely day together. She has already taken one of the prints.
A cyclist stumbled upon one of the pods by chance on Christmas day, and this is what he had to say:

“I found your Pod #6 accidentally today Christmas day while stopped bike riding under an old tunnel alone away from the negative people in my life, enjoying being in the moment surrounded by nature where I find peace.
Thank you for placing it in the tunnel wall. It touched my heart to find something on this day that wasn’t given like a meaningless Christmas but found. It felt like you reached out to me on this hard day.”

How can people take part?

Ana Solo: The pods were hidden around the area where I live and the final 10 will be given to people across New Zealand. However, I am also considering launching another project for other countries. I would love to do one for Spain, the country where I am originally from.
I will be publishing a downloadable PDF book at the end of this month collecting the prints, how they were made, and the feedback received for each one. It will be available on the website.
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Facebook: AnaSoloArt

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