Birthday cards

Gallery with entries from our Christmas and Birthday card event 2023. Supporting members were invited to send in prints to be made into cards. To take part read here, it’s open until the 8th of July. Take part or just enjoy the beautiful work and find inspiration.

Artists that took part in the Birthday card event 2023:

➥ Amy Heller – Cake + Candles. Process: Cyanotype. Instagram: @amyhellerartist Facebook:
➥ Anne Guest – Blue Bird. Process: Cyanotype. Instagram: @anneguest.artist
➥ Dalene Marais – Birthday wishes with blue roses. Process: cyanotype. Instagram: @magdalene.b5 and
➥ Dave Symonds – Buffalo. Process: Alcohol gel transfer (Purell) onto Arches 88 paper. Instagram: @1photosym1 Facebook:
➥ Kathleen Mumma – Cumpleaños Tropical. Process: Cyanotype (digital negative with handcut letters).
➥ Ralph Rinke – Happy Birthday. Process: Anthotype – Red Seedless Watermelon skin from California, USA. Instagram: @ralphrinke
➥ Wendy Currie – Birthday celebration. Process: Lumen print of Gold Wonga vine. Instagram: @wmc999 Facebook: