Source / Recreative Science
Title / Mike Ware

Mr. Septimus Piesse has called attention to the delicate shading or finishing of leaves produced by the photographic touch of the sun, in the case of geranium and other leaves, where one leaf produced a shade upon the other, the under leaf presenting a beautiful photograph of the upper one, its serrated edge and form being perfectly defined. Wherever the shade was cast, that part of the leaf was of a deep green, while the unshaded parts were of a pale sea-tint.

P.S. Yes, this is a joke:-)

Mike Ware is a british chemist and inventor of the New Cyanotype process – amongst others and an author of many books.

Source: Recreative Science: a record and remembrancer of intellectual observation (Vols 1 and 2, Groombridge and Sons, London 1860/1) In which C.M.Archer contributed articles on an ‘Anecdote History of Photography’

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