Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges lives in the USA. He works in Polaroid emulsion lifts.
From: USA.
Shows: Polaroid emulsion lifts

Dennis’ eye is continually drawn to the textures, abstractions and highly graphical subjects he encounters on a daily basis. The images he captures first capture him; he simply records them, converting them from everyday details on the street to visually complex art. As he says:

“Art is all around us; we just need to take it in.”

Dennis borrowed his mother’s twin lens reflex (an Anscoflex II for the curious) when he was 8 and his father taught him the essentials of composition. Together they took a darkroom course at the local community college where Mr. Beaudry taught them about the characteristics of “fill-em”, as he was wont to say. In college, Dennis was fortunate to become a student and friend of the gifted photographer Howard Stephens who expanded his technique into different processes, (litho film, silk screening, etc.) opening the box and inviting him to play outside of it.

Dennis Hodges works with a mix of photographic media likening it to how some artists choose pastels or oils or pen and ink for certain works. Polaroid emulsion transfers present an opportunity for him to approach the world of watercolor with his camera.

He lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

“Life is made up of shadows and light. You need light to illuminate the shadows; you need shadows to appreciate the light.”

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