Denise Ross

Denise Ross is an artist, photographic processes researcher, and naturalist. She was collecting ‘nature stuff’ and making watercolor illustrations before she could read.
From: USA.
Shows: Silvergum and silver gelatin.

Denise Ross has been a photographer for forty years. She has worked as a commercial photographer and scientific photographer, a custom B&W printer, and as a retouching artist for what was at the time a world-renowned photofinishing lab.

Thirty years ago, halfway through an MFA in photography, Denise switched tracks and earned a master’s degree in Botany. Until ten years ago, when she started making emulsions, science and art had always played tug-a- war for time and attention. Emulsion making and research united two loves into a happy whole.

Denise is the editor and Chief Cook & Bottle Washer at The Light Farm, a web resource since 2008, dedicated the renaissance of handmade silver gelatin emulsions – dry plate, paper, and film.

Denise is author of “The Light Farm, Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsions – Dry Plate, Paper, and Film, Volume 1: The Basics.” She is currently working on “TLF, Volume 2: Beyond Basics.”

“Something irreplaceable will be lost if we allow the tactile knowledge of historical photographic processes to slip away. It would be like losing a language.”


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