Christian Klant

Looking for a technique that could provide depth and atmosphere to photographs, Christian Klant found wet plate collodions to be the medium he was looking for. Take a look at his work.
From: Berlin, Germany.
Shows: Wetplate collodions.

The Berlin based photographer Klant started his journey into photography in his early childhood. Later on he started immersing himself in meditation, yoga and other practices that taught him to take a look behind the scenes. His fascination for the essence shaped his perception of the world.
Looking for a technique that would allow him to create the most possible depth in his images he found his medium: the wet plate collodion process.
The silence of wet plate photography creates a unique atmosphere, which greatly affects his portraits as well as his landscapes. Portrayed people have the time to really arrive in their inner space, get in touch with themselves and therefore show themselves with everything that is – in that moment.

Places in nature become beings in that silence, with whom Klant enters into some sort of dialogue. He deeply engages with those places, experiences and explores them with all his senses, in search of their magic, their very nature – which he then captures in his photographs.

Klant is working with numerous historical fine art printing techniques such as platin/palladium and carbon printing. His work is shown internationally. In 2014 his first book 100 Wet Plates – 100 Words was published.

“The magic of photography happens when technique and knowledge are stepping back and intuition and feelings take the lead.”


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