Bucking Horse Sale. Chrysotype by Christina Z. Anderson

Papers for chrysotype

Christina Z. Anderson gives us her best tips for chrysotype papers. If you want to learn more about Chrysotypes, there is plenty to know in Leanne MacPhee’s book, Chrysotype. Writer and photography / Christina Z. Anderson With the rising cost of palladium, Mike Ware’s chrysotype process is an intriguing noble metal process to add to your alternative process arsenal. Leanne McPhee’s Chrysotype: A Contemporary Guide to Photographic Printing in Gold … Read more

papers that performed well with the chrysotype process


Christina Z. Anderson gives us all we need to get started with the chrysotype process as well as tips for experienced printers. Writer / Christina Z. Anderson Photography / Christina Z. Anderson, Pradip Malde, Mark Goddard, Kirk Cochran, Alyssa McKenna, Nick Sramek, Charlie Parrott, Joren Nelson, Max McDonough, Caden McCullough, Alex Glenn, Jake Culbertson, Thomas Callahan, Fran Browne. The chrysotype2 (from Greek chryso/gold and typos/strike or print) is a photograph … Read more

Fumed silica figure 1 detail

Improve your Siderotypes with fumed silica pre-treatment

Fumed Silica treatment can improve details in your Siderotypes, but be careful, it’s not chemistry without risk as Giorgio Bordin tells us. Writer and photography / Giorgio Bordin Fumed Silica, as it’s commonly said, (CAS 112945-52-5) is also known as pyrogenic silica because it is produced in a flame. It consists of an extremely fine white powder made of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica (viz not crystalline), fused and branched … Read more