Events in December

Beginner cyanotype workshop, In person, London (Kensington), 7th October, 18th November and 9th of December

Sat 7th October 11am-1pm Sat 18th November 11am-1pm Sat 9th december 11am -1pm Details of event: Learn how to approach cyanotype-one of the first photographic printmaking process discovered in 1842 using watercolor paper, cyanotype paint and light to beautiful botanic blueprints. This two hours workshop will introduce you to the basics of the cyanotype printmaking-process discovered in 1842-using watercolour paper, cyanotype paint and light to create your own images. This … Read more

“Beginner wet collodion workshop, In person, London (Kensington), 14 October and 2 December

Sat 14th October wet plate 11am -5pm Sat 2nd december wet plate 11am -5pm   For example: “Beginner wet collodion workshop, In person, London (Kensington)  Details of event:   This one-day workshop offers the opportunity to learn wet plate collodion- a historical process using silver and light to obtain a unique images on the glass plate. 1. Health & Safety Information 2. Information on wet-plate darkroom equipment-studio work and field … Read more

Out From the Darkcloth: Intro to Large Format Photography with paper negatives with Brittonie Fletcher @ Stills Centre for Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland 10 December 2023 Sunday, 11am—5pm

This short 1-day course will introduce you to the large format 5×4″ view camera using our range of Intrepid MK3 cameras. Large format simply refers to film size; the negatives produced are 5×4 inches, which lends itself to unrivalled image detail and quality. Hiding under a dark cloth to focus the image on the glass viewfinder, large format photography encourages us to slow down and carefully consider our image making … Read more

7th Annual Alternative Process Exhibition at The Image Flow. Submissions Close: July 24. Exhibition Dates: October 9 – December 22

7th Annual Alternative Process Exhibition at The Image Flow Submissions Close | July 24 Selections Announced | August 11 Opening Reception | Saturday, October 14, 5:30-7:30PM Exhibition Dates | October 9 – December 22 $35 non-refundable registration fee to submit up to 3 images. Open to artists living and working in the United States and its territories using alternative processes. Original works only, no reprints! Selected artworks will be … Read more