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We help you sell your photography book. Many photographers and authors feel the need to share their experiences and knowledge in a book. Many publishers don’t realize just how interesting alternative processes are, so it’s hard to get published, which makes it hard to sell your photography book. Solution? Self-publish! Alternative photographic processes may be a small corner of the photography market but it’s growing. Here we help authors of small publications be seen, noticed and sell their photography book. Please note: The subject has to be about alternative photographic processes.

The way it works is this:

  1. Send us details of the book. We need to know:
    • Title of the book.
    • Page count, printing in color or black and white, hardback or paperback, and anything else you find important to communicate.
    • Price (see how to work this out further down).
    • Image of cover.
    • Bio of author (optional).
    • Pdf preview of a few selected pages (optional).


  2. We set up a page for your book.
  3. We market your book on the website, in our communities and the newsletter. It is also good to give us an excerpt or a chapter of the book. See an example of extract. This is a good preview for readers.
  4. When a visitor buys your book we pass on the address to you and the money, minus our commission. You need a Paypal account to get paid.
  5. Postage: Because you may live just about anywhere in the world, and the buyer may also live anywhere, 2 or 3 postage rates will work well. The price always includes postage. Some choose to have a flat rate postage, some to work out the postage price for different areas, such as the USA, Canada&Mexico, The rest of the world. Of course, this is dependent on where the book is shipped from. Work out what’s best for you.
  6. Packaging: The book must be wrapped carefully to handle the rough treatment of postmen.
  7. You must be able to deliver. If you can no longer deliver the item or you are away for holiday, let us know and we can let customers know.
  8. Pricing: Decide the price of your book (including postage and packaging). Our commission is a flat rate of 20% this includes Paypal charges of 3-5% that gets deducted from our share, not yours.
     Example book at 30 dollars:
    The price to the buyer: 30 with postage included.
    We will deduct our commission and send you 24 dollars. You will pay for the postage, ship the book and keep the rest. All prices are currently set in US dollars.
  9. Taxes: It is your duty to declare your own taxes.
  10. Feedback: We send out a request for buyers to rate your book and the service. We will publish the rating on the website – good or bad, to act as a guide to future visitors.

Sound good? Please contact us if you have a self-published book, or indeed, any other relevant product. May it be a pinhole camera, or some new invention as long as it’s related to alternative processes.

Feedback from authors on selling books

"Fabbri is wonderfully attentive and helpful with adding your book to the website."

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