Direct silver mirroring with bronzing effect and mackie line by Recipe 1

Alternative silver mirroring toning

Lexy Xiao finds alternative ways to do the silver mirroring toning without the commercial toners which are mostly discontinued today. She shares her recipes and process here. Writer and photography / Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子 WARNING: This is for experienced and advanced users only. Read the safety sheets before attempting to use chemicals and use the correct safety equipment. Hazardous chemicals are used. A little knowledge about silver mirroring … Read more

Scan your anthotype or cyanotype print using a phone

How to scan your anthotype print using an iPhone or iPad

When taking part in events such as World Anthotype Day or World Cyanotype Day it’s important your digital entry is a representation of the print. Not everyone owns a scanner, so Dennis Humhprey shows you how to digitize your print using a cellular phone. Writer and photography / Dennis Humphrey Once you’ve created your anthotype print, you’ll want to make a digital copy of it. You can always use a … Read more