Anna Yeroshenko

Anna Yeroshenko is a Russian photographer working as a print assistant in Boston, USA. She specialises in the platinum/palladium process.
From: Russian photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Shows: Platinum/palladiums.

Anna Yeroshenko is a Russian photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her interest in alternative photographic processes brought her to the US where she studied photography under Christopher James at Lesley University College of Art and Design (the former Art Institute of Boston). Working primarily with the platinum/palladium process, she has been interested not only in mastering her printing skills but also in investigating ways to employ the historic process in contemporary art practice. In her own work, a photograph is an object where its material qualities often become a part of the image and play an important role in the concept of the work.

Anna received her MFA in photography in 2015 and began to work as a printing assistant at Renaissance Press, where she continues to deepen her knowledge about various photographic processes under the direction of Paul Taylor.


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