Andrew J. Currie

Andrew J. Currie from Virginia, USA, started out with his fathers old Minolta a decade ago. Today he works in lith prints, builds his own large-format cameras and is experimenting with dry plates.
From: Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
Shows: Lith prints, Tintypes – modern.

Back around 2001 Andy borrowed his dad’s Minolta manual-focus X-700 to photograph some small models he was building, and realized that photography was fun for its own sake. After going through roll after roll of film and purchasing a digital camera, he decided he wanted to learn more about the fundamentals of the traditional process.

He started studying under Frank Herrera at Glen Echo Park in Bethesda, Maryland and continues to do so, along with a small group of committed die-hards who not only refuse to stop using film, they also experiment with historical and other alternative processes.

While his main emphasis is on standard 35mm and medium-format black and white photography, he has spent increasing amounts of time learning the lith printing process, experimenting with different mixtures and papers.

After attending an exhibit at one of the art museums in Washington, DC, he was stunned by the results of various types of processes used since the early 19th Century, and became interested in going even farther in learning the fundamentals. Since the beginning of 2010 he has constructed a hand-made large-format camera and has begun experimenting with hand-coated dry-plate ambrotypes.


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