Alternative and Historical Photographic Workshops in Edinburgh, Scotland

Alternative and Historical Photographic Workshops in Edinburgh, Scotland
Stills Centre for Photography
Gallery, Reference Library and Facilities

Stills offers a wide range of high-quality, subsidised training in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town, celebrating over 40 years as Scotland’s oldest dedicated photography gallery and facilities close to where historic legends Hill, Adamson and Mann turned calotypes into art. Everyone enjoys individual attention in our small classes and benefits from an informal, hands-on, creative learning environment.

Our tutors have experienced professionals with our alternative process facilities. Courses advised and created by Brittonie Fletcher, who teaches classes, workshops and 1:1 tutorials in everything from Salt Printing and Cyanotype, and Platinum to the more experimental darkroom with Chromoskedaisic Sabatier, Lith and Chemigrams and an online course called Eco Darkroom, empowering new and experienced photographers alike to learn more about the chemistry of photography, and different plant and household materials for DIY at home.

All our courses include the materials in the price, so there are no hidden costs – just great learning opportunities.

Stills also has a shop selling books and photographic supplies, including film, paper and alternative process kits.

Stills: Centre for Photography
23 Cockburn Street
Scotland EH1 1BP

Tue—Sat, 12 pm—5 pm

Wed—Thur, 11 am—9 pm
Tue, Fri, Sat, 11 am—6 pm

+44 (0) 131 622 6200

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