Zone VI Studios, Inc.

Zone VI Studios sell photographic supplies, such as enlargers and wooden view cameras and contact frames.

Newfane, VT 05345-0219, USA
Phone: +1 802 257-5161
Ship: Locally

5 thoughts on “Zone VI Studios, Inc.

  1. I have a Zone VI camera that is in need of replacing of the 2 broken viewfinder glass.. Please let me know if I can order replacement via your website and the cost.

    Thanks, Robert Harrison Pyle

  2. I have a Pentax Spotmeter that was modified by Zone VI and the dial lights no longer work.Can they be repaired and if so how do I go about having them repaired. YES I still use this meter and love it

  3. Hello,
    I bought a used Pentax digital Spotmeter which has been modified by Zone VI studios. The Zone V sticker is missing. Do you still have those around?
    If yes I would appreciate if you could sell 1 or 2 to me.
    Thank you from Switzerland,

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