Yago de Orbe Klingenberg

Portrait of Yago de Orbe Klingenberg

Yago de Orbe Klingenberg is a photographer born in Spain but lives in Ecuador. He has worked in the Chlorophyll printmaking process for 3 years now and shows his work here.
Born: San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain. Lives: Ecuador.
Shows: Chlorophyll prints.

Yago began his professional career as a focus puller and camera operator in feature films and commercials in Barcelona. In 2002 he studied Social Documentary Filmmaking and Film Editing at the Film and TV School in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. Since he is living in Ecuador he has directed humanitarian documentaries with indigenous and marginal urban populations in 10 Latin American countries. He currently focuses his work as a photographer and conceptual artist on researching non-conventional photographic processes.

“For the Quechua Indians of the Ecuadorian Amazon, people and nature have a vital and spiritual energy that they call “Samai”. My work is inspired by the Amazonian indigenous cosmovision and also by the origins of photography, allowing nature to express itself: plants reveal their inner power – their “Samai” – in images that metaphorically become a mirror where we can see our organic essence reflected. A mirror that questions us about our relationship with nature.”

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  • Email: yago.ok (at) gmail.com

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