Wynn White

Wynn White, an American living in Japan and a renowned salt print artist shows his work here.
From: Ontario, Oregon, USA, lives Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan
Shows: Argyrotypes, Cyanotypes, Kallitypes, Salt prints and Vandykes.

Wynn White is an American photographer making his home in Chiba, Japan. He learned his craft through trial and error in the field and in the darkroom. Wynn purchased his first camera to take photos on his inaugural journey to Japan while with the US Navy in 1970. He has been deeply involved in photography and Japan ever since. Besides gelatin silver processing and printing White practices various historic printing techniques including salt, cyanotype, kallitype, Vandyke and argyrotype.

“I am an observer in a transitory world, always looking, always seeing; constantly visualizing abstract monochrome in a multicolored universe. More so than object, light and shadow stimulate me. My preference is tranquility over hustle-bustle. Emotion is key to my work. When and only when I am stirred emotionally do I make an exposure. My prints, utilizing historic photographic processes, are direct reflections of these emotions.”

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