World cyanotype day – opens for entries on the 30th of September

World Cyanotype Day 2023 infoIt’s here again, and it’s now open for entries, find physical locations here or read below how to enter in our gallery at See you there?

We have started taking entries and will post them in our gallery until the deadline 30th of September 2023 (midnight your time zone Cyanotype Day). Do make our lives a little easier by following ALL of the steps, please. 🙂

We are supporting World Cyanotype Day this year again, so do send to both! Here is how to send to World Cyanotype Day:

Here is how to send your print to and also find events around the world:


We are open for entries and will post them in our gallery until the deadline (midnight in your time zone on the 7th of October).
Gallery here:


Do make our lives a little easier by following ALL of these steps, please. 🙂

💙 Create a cyanotype on this year’s theme “INHERITANCE”. No nudes allowed.

💙 Scan it or photograph it and resize it to 1080 pixels at its LONGEST side.PLEASE don’t send large files, it ends up in the spam box and we may miss it.

💙 Name the file “Name Surname, Country, Title.jpg” for example “Joanne Smith, USA, Shining Light.jpg” (Your name, the country where you are from, and the title of the image). Only ONE cyanotype per person.

💙 Use a file transfer such as Dropbox or WeTransfer if you can. Large files may get lost. Email the link and your Instagram account (if you want to be tagged) to You will get a confirmation email within 2 days.

💙 It is FREE to enter, but please consider becoming a supporting member so we can keep supporting initiatives like World Cyanotype Day.

👉 Supporting membership:

💙 All the cyanotypes will be on display in our World Cyanotype Day 2023 gallery:

💙 Extra bonus: Post on Instagram under the hashtags #worldcyanotypeday and #worldcyanotypeday2023
and tag your image with handles @worldcyanotypeday and @alternativephotography_com.

New to cyanotypes? Learn from the article:

Or from the book:

How to take part:

All the info you need to take part is here:

Take notes to learn and improve your process:

Don’t stain your clothes! Easily done! Get the apron!

As a true cyanotype, you can have the t-shirt to show it!


Have fun and don’t forget to share!

Whether you take part or not: Enjoy!

Hashtags for Instagram users

If you don’t want to send in an entry but post from your own account, we encourage you to tag these accounts:


Use these hashtags: #worldcyanotypeday and #worldcyanoday.
And if you want more hashtags: #worldcyanotypeday2023 #cyanotypeday #cyanotypeday2023 #wcd #wcd2023

Links to keep an eye out on during the event

This year’s Gallery:

Artists on our Pinterest board:

Artists in the Facebook album:

Artists on our Instagram:

Whether you take part or not: Enjoy!

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