SPECIAL DAY: World Cyanotype Day 2021, 25 September, open for entries

World Cyanotype Day 2021 - Rejuvenation

The World Cyanotype Day 2021 is this year the 25th of September. The deadline is the 25th of September 23:59 (your own timezone). But the World Cyanotype Day is taking place in many locations, and entry dates may vary, so do look at each site. You can find physical locations here.

If you want to know how to enter, this is how, but please you can start sending work now, but entries won’t be posted until the week before the 25th of September 2021. 🙂

How to enter World Cyanotype Day here at AlternativePhotography.com

To enable everyone who is isolated we offered a digital gallery here, don’t hesitate to enter – next date is Last Saturday in September 2021! That is the 25th of September 2021.
Do make our lives a little easier by following ALL of these steps, please. 🙂

  1. Create a cyanotype on this year’s theme “Rejuvenation”. No nudes allowed.
  2. Scan it in or photograph it and resize it to 700 pixels (longest side) at 72 dpi.
  3. Name the file “Name Surname, Country Title.jpg” for example “Joanne Smith, USA, Blue Flower.jpg” (Your name, the country where you are from, and the title of the image)
  4. Email the file to [email protected] if you prefer to dropbox it, get a free Dropbox account here.
  5. It is FREE to enter, but only ONE cyanotype per person.
  6. All the cyanotypes will be on display in the World Cyanotype Day 2021 gallery here.
  7. Extra bonus: If you have Instagram, post under the hashtag #cyanotypeday and handle @alternativephotography_com and also send us your Instagram handle so we can tag you back.

In World Cyanotype Day 2020 265 artists from 50 countries took part. We NEVER expected so many entries! It was great! Can it possibly get even BIGGER this year?
These are the links for this year:

👉  The WCD 2021 Gallery:


If you completely missed what World Cyanotype Day is all about you can read about it here:
👉  Info page:

All the work will also been added to our social media channels here:

👉  The World Cyanotype 2020 Pinterest board:

👉  Facebook album: (though there are only images, no names)

👉  Instagram:

👉  YouTube – Cyanotype playlist:

Have fun!

Read more about cyanotypes
Blueprint to cyanotypes - Exploring a historical alternative photographic process

Blueprint to cyanotypes – Exploring a historical alternative photographic process


by Malin Fabbri and Gary Fabbri

Learn about the cyanotype process, chemicals, coating, exposure, printing, making negatives, washing and troubleshooting in this well illustrated step-by-step guide to cyanotypes.
Strongly recommended for beginners


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