Workshop: Wet Plate Collodion photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing with jill Enfield, May 28th – June 2nd, Norway

N PERSON WORKSHOP: Wet Plate Collodion photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing with Jill Enfield

Join the master of historical photo processes, Jill Enfield, in this hands-on workshop in Wet Plate Collodion Photography + Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing. Dates: May 28TH – June 2ND. 


Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Norway. Closest airport is Trondheim International Airport, Værnes, with train connections to Inderøy.


DETAILS: This workshop will transport you back to the beginning of photography and teach you to create glass negatives and tintypes using wet plate techniques from the 1860s, in addition to trying your hands on the Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown printing process. Our instructor Jill Enfield has written 3 books about historical photo processes and is regarded as one of America’s most experienced and respected alternative process artists.

The workshop will cover the entire process from cutting and preparing glass & aluminum, mixing and handling chemicals, safety procedures, making portable darkrooms, assessment of exposure time, evaluation of results, and all that goes into mastering the wet plate collodion process.

Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brow is different printing processes involving mixing chemicals, preparing the canvas, printing, processing and drying.

Jill will give a lecture in how you prepare a digital negative to use in an alternative process. This way you can use any digital image you already have taken, and turn it into a wet plate collodion photograph, a Cyanotype or Van Dyke Brown print. 

This class is open to all levels. You need no prior experience in Alternative Process to join this class. The workshop is also open for participants who have experience in Wet Plate Collodion Process, Cyanotype and/ or Van Dyke Brown, and wants to join us for a week to practise their skills, with Jill as their mentor. 

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