Workshop: Liquid Emulsion with Brittonie Fletcher @ Penumbra Foundation,NY, Saturday & Sunday September 9 & 10 10 AM – 6 PM

Liquid emulsion allows artists to apply light sensitive silver gelatin to various surfaces, offering a distinct control over how an image can be presented or read. This two-day workshop introduces students of all experience levels to the magic of hand-applied silver gelatin printing. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, students will first learn the basics of coating liquid emulsion to paper, and then move on to coating materials such as canvas, wood, glass plates, metal, or plastic. The basics of darkroom printing and chemical safety will be covered in addition to choices connected to emulsion application, artist hand, and media substrate. By the end of the weekend, participants will have a greater understanding of how to use liquid emulsion on a variety of surfaces and tailor applications to suit different ideas and concepts.

Students should bring their own black and white negatives to print from. Some digital negatives can be prepared before class by the instructor. Materials will be provided but students are encouraged to bring additional materials or objects to experiment printing on. Please note that there might not be time to experiment with all extra substrates.

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