Workshop: Layer by Layer – tri colour Gum Print with Diana Bloomfield, 21-26 May, Norway

Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Norway. Closest airport is Trondheim International Airport, Værnes, with train connections to Inderøy.


DETAILS: In our 5-day workshop with photographic artist and native North Carolinian Diana Bloomfield, you will learn the interpretive, intuitive, and infinitely creative printing process of tri-colour gum bichromate, turning your images into beautifully unique prints. This is a 19th century photographic printing process using CMYK colour separation digital negatives.

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with all the prints you have made during the week— the good, the bad, and the ugly— and maybe even the spectacular. More importantly, you will leave with a solid foundation in gum printing and an understanding of how to get the most out of this unique and interpretive handmade printing process, making it all your own.

The gum print is essentially built, layer by layer, with repeated coatings of a specific emulsion of watercolour pigment, gum arabic, and potassium dichromate, which is then brushed on watercolour paper, until a full and rich print of your image is achieved.

The print is exposed by UV light and developed in plain water. This is a user-friendly course that is appropriate for those with no prior experience in gum printing, as well as seasoned practitioners.

Join Diana at NORDphotography for five days of fun and experimentation with an infinitely rewarding and creative printing process. Once you experience the joy and beauty of gum printing, you will never be the same.


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