Workshop: Gum bichromate workshop in Gdynia, Poland, 4-5 September 2021

Gumprinting workshopDetails of event:
The workshop is designed for beginners, with no or little experience in gum printing, taking participants through all stages of making a multi-layer, monochromatic print, starting with preparing paper for gum bichromate work and including various techniques of image manipulation. The programme is designed to enable participants to start making gum prints independently.

The programme includes:

  • theoretical introduction,
  • preparing paper for gumprinting,
  • presentation of gumprints,
  • tips on preparing negatives for gumprinting,
  • making a multilayred gumprint,
  • assessment of prints made during the workshop.
  • detailed handout

The following will be available during the workshop:

  • All the materials required for gumprinting, including gellatine sized papers and necessary chemicals,
  • fully equipped darkroom,
  • workshop negatives for gumprinting
  • facilities to print a digital workshop negative from participant’s own file (2 pcs),
  • hot drinks (tea and coffee),

What you will learn:

  • to prepare paper for gumprinting,
  • to prepare negatives for gumprinting,
  • to make a multilayered, monochromatic gumprint,
  • to prepare prints for display.


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