Workshop, Carbon transfer with Radosław Brzozowski, 8-9 June 2023, Trąbi Wielkie, Poland

We offer a unique, two day long workshop during which participants will gain all the skills and information necessary to start working independently using this magical process and producing monochromatic prints with its help.

The programme of the workshop includes:

  • basic theoretical introduction to the process, materials and tools
  • preparation of carbon tissue that participants will use to make their prints
  • preparing the final substrate that participants will use to make prints
  • preparing digital negatives for making carbon transfer prints
  • making carbon transfer prints
  • methods of controlling the contrast of carbon transfer prints
  • using single and double transfer
  • independent printing practice

 All the participants will be provided with:

  • all materials necessary for the process
  • all the facilities necessary for making carbon transfer prints,
  • practice negatives
  • materials necessary for making carbon transfer prints( including transfer and carbon papers)
  • access to a professional darkroom
  • facilities to print large format negatives from digital files (2 pcs),
  • dinners (Saturday and Sunday),
  • hot and cold drinks during the workshop

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