Workshop: Camera-less Photography with Stig M. Weston, June 4 – 9, Norway

Location: This workshop will take place at SAGA, Senter For Fotografi, which is located in Inderøy, considered one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Norway. Closest airport is Trondheim International Airport, Værnes, with train connections to Inderøy.


DETAILS: Join award winning photographer and artist Stig M. Weston on a workshop where we will be ‘playing outside the box’ as we experiment with creating photographs without the use of a traditional camera.

Using photography´s basic ingredients of light and chemicals we will learn and experiment with a variety of techniques and processes to create pictures without the use of a camera. You will work your way through experimental techniques to define your own process based photographic theme and project.This workshop will open your eyes for new ways of seeing and creating photographs, and inspire you to think creatively around other projects you are working on. 

Stig will share his creative methods and you will get to play and explore while learning how to control photographic processes like photograms, chemigrams, lumen printing and more. We will try out a variety of different materials and even mix our own natural chemicals based on what we forage and find in the landscape.
Working your way through all this playful experimentation you will develop ideas and techniques and put them to use in a project series that bring your ideas to life in totally new ways. 

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