Workshop: 6 days workshop devoted to silver based photographic processes with Radosław Brzozowski. Trąbki Wielkie, Poland, 23-28 August 2022

This workshop is different than all the others as, rather than looking at a single process, it focuses on a whole group covering the most important early photographic processes based on silver. The process covered include:

– saltprint along with its most important variants

– albumen print along with its most important variants

– collodion and gelatin aristotype (primitive POP emulsion)

– paper negatives

– albumen negatives

– wetplate negatives

– ambrotypes

The processes will be given in depth coverage including cchoice of papers, ontrast control, strengthening and toning.

The workshop is targetted at everyone who is interested in getting in depth knowledge backed with considerable practice and wants to learn not only individual processes but to see how they combine and interact. Consequently, it will be useful not only to photographers but also to curators, photography conservators and conservation students, instructors and teachers of photography.

In order to make to intensive programme feasible and to ensure enough practice and individual attention, the number of participants is reduced to three.

All participants are welcome to stay in our house (separate bedrooms), during the workshop.

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