Who are you? Survey about those practising alt. proc.

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A few months back Dutch Alternative Photography asked you to fill out a survey of who you are. Many of you did. Here is the result.

The Practice of Alternative Photography Processes WorldwideYou can see the results of the Dutch Alternantive Photography survey here, or click on the picture to make it larger:

41% are 24-45 years old and the same amount 45-65 years old. That is something that has changed, it used to be higher!

About half of you use alt. proc as a hobby and half professionally.

Most of you work with more than one technique and you have a lot of years of experience!

Working with film is popular, followed by printing processes, though a lot of you don’t consider film to be an alternative process.

It’s also great to see that so many of you build your own cameras or use an “old fashioned” camera even though you find both film and chemistry hard to come by.

I’m also happy to see that 19% of you are members of AlternativePhotography.com and that many of you use the site to educate yourselves. Thank you.

Amongst other things, you also want to see more:

The funniest answer:

Define Alternative Photography: “I know it is difficult”.

Note: Not ALL processes are complicated!

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