Wet Plate Supplies – out of business

This company seems to have closed. 

Previous info:

Wet Plate Supplies supply a range of premixed collodions, fixers and other chemistry, also a range of other essential supplies such as tintype plates, glass and other substrates.

Address: WildPhoto Ltd | Unit 15-16 Highlode Industrial Estate, Ramsey, PE26 2RB, UK
Phone +44 (0) 1487 813447

Email: Through form on website
Website: wetplatesupplies.com – not working
Ship: Mainland UK. For other areas in the UK some products which are shipped under ADR regulations may be restricted, or may incur additional delivery charges. In such an instance we will contact you regarding your purchases to discuss the best options for getting the goods to you. Some items can be shipped within the EU. However at this time we are unable to supply any premixed or raw chemicals as the costs involved by far exceed what is acceptable.

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