Wendy Currie

Wendy Currie, from Melbourne, Australia, currently hooked on vandykes and vandykes over cyanotypes shows her work. She also has a neat collection of pinhole cameras, from Zeroimage she frequently uses.
From: Melbourne, Australia.
Shows: Bromoils, Cyanotypes over gum, Cyanotypes, Pinholes, Vandykes over gum, Vandykes, Vandyke pinholes.

Wendy Currie has been working with alternative photographic processes for over 15 years and has taught at Melbourne institutes including RMIT, Photography Studies College and Australian Academy of Design, as well as schools, clubs and Gold Street Studios. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions and sells works through suburban and regional galleries.

She specializes in early 19th Century printing processes such as cyanotype, gum bichromate and van dyke. After completing her Diploma of Arts (Art) in 1989, she returned to do a Graduate Diploma of Arts (Media) in 1990 and concentrated on exploring some early 19th Century printing processes.

Wendy’s passion for working with these early processes is stimulated by the direct tactile involvement with all stages of the image, from making the negative, exposing and developing the image, to toning and/or handcolouring the final print. The creative freedom to work with beautiful water colour and handmade papers
or fabrics complements her delight in the photographic image.

“Creating the image, choosing the paper or fabric; applying the chemicals, toning or handcolouring the emerging image is all part of the creative act. It’s the ability to make choices at every stage which makes it so deeply satisfying”

Contact Wendy Currie:

  • Email: currie_wen (at) yahoo.com.au
  • Instagram: @wmc999

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