Tina Maas

German born Tina Maas studied and lives in London. She has also studied in New York. She experiments with modern tin types and liquid emulsions.
From: Hamburg, Germany, lives in London, England.
Shows: Liquid emulsions, Polaroid emulsion lifts, Tin types.

Tina Maas was born in Hamburg and studied in London. One semester was also spent in New York, where she was first introduced to unconventional photography techniques by photographer Jill Enfield. Back in London she deepened her interest in experimenting with different media combining photography with drawing and printmaking.

Tina specialized in Tin Types and liquid light emulsion processes, which she applied to decaying objects. This work was centered thematically around deserted and derelict spaces and their various atmospheres from destruction to loneliness to a prevailing sense of presence left behind by their last inhabitants.

Tina’s tintypes to the right are from Wandsworth Prison in London and from an abandoned pennatentiary in Philadelphia.

“The series Ophelia – meditations on mortality photographs explores an atmosphere of beauty, decay and mortality. Inspired equally by Millais’ Pre-Raphaelite painting of “Ophelia” and the installation art of Christian Boltanski my work attempts to recreate a similar atmosphere of mystery. In Pre-Raphaelite paintings, an ideal feminine beauty characterized by long flowing hair has become synonymous for depictions of female allegorical figures symbolic of eternal youth and beauty, which was one of my starting points for this project.”


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